Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing

Mowing your lawn at the proper height for healthy growth. Never leaving clumps of grass on the lawn giving a professional striping to detail look. String trimming any obstacles the mower cannot reach. Edging straight edge concrete and mulch beds where possible. Cleaning up the grass clippings with blowing the clippings off the hard surfaces back into the lawn. Sorry we are no longer taking on one time clients, we currently are only accepting regularly scheduled clients on either a weekly or every other week basis so that we can focus on providing top notch service to them.

Aeration & Overseeding

This is the secret to a green lush lawn. Best performed September 15th – October 15th. Aerating your lawn helps loosen up compacted soil from the summer heat. This helps your lawn breath were water, fertilize and seed can penetrate the soil instead of running off. Overseeding in the fall helps get the root system established through winter to where next summer it can stand the heat. This can also be performed in early spring but fall is highly recommended.

Irrigation maintenance*

One thing your lawn will need to grow is water. The key to a productive irrigation system is staying on top of it. Maintenance scheduled visits help avoid over or under watering, or fixing it if it stops working. Backflow checks to Winterizing.

Fertilization Programs*

To get a great looking lawn it will take more than just mowing it weekly. You need to invest in your lawn by feeding it the nutrients it needs to give it a strong root system and a lush turf. We have different programs to fit your needs.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups

Spring and Fall season clean up is an important part of getting your lawn ready for summer. With a Spring or Fall clean up you're not only making your property look better but your helping your lawn receive the nutrients it needs from the sun, water, and oxygen. We blow leaves out from beds away from buildings and fences. Upon request we also can clean out your gutters. We can mulch the leaves or bag them both leaving a clean appearance when done. Leaves mulched up into small specs releases nutrients into the soil and will help improve the quality of the soil and lawn.

* These services are only available to our weekly lawn mowing clients.

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