Landscape Maintenance

Because we value our regular scheduled mowing clients and want to make sure we have time to provide them with exceptional service we only offer the following services to them. Please contact us if you would like to become one of our regular mowing clients.

Hedge Trimming

Includes trimming of shrubs and small ornamental trees in flower bed areas and clean up. Our service plans are a (1)-time trim. (2) Two trimmings scheduled for spring and fall. (3) For a more detailed look an 'as needed basis' trim on weekly mowing visits.

Weeding Beds

For new beds needing to stop weeds from poking through. We can lay down a weed barrier to stop weeds from sprouting through. For established beds we clean and remove all debris, making sure all beds are clean and free of weeds.

Landscape ground cover

Whether your landscape beds have mulch or gravel in most cases we can supply the right type of covering to match helping cover bare spots or thin areas. Top dressing mulch beds or filling in gravel will give it a clean fresh look helping boost your landscape’s curb appeal. Want to get rid of what you have and add something new? No problem we can help!

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