About Us

SutherLANDscape Lawn Service LLC is a family owned and operated lawn care and landscape maintenance provider. The unique name and spelling thrives from the owners last name (Sutherland). Originally named SutherLAND Lawn Service in 2005 they only offered mowing. A couple seasons later they added landscaping to their list of services which gave the idea for a name change to SutherLANDscape. The SutherLAND brand has been servicing southwest Missouri for over 12 years now and takes pride in their work. Our goal at SutherLANDscape is to make your life easier.

About the owner

The owner of SutherLANDscape Lawn is Michael Sutherland. Michael grew up in Fair Grove, MO on a dairy farm and became very familiar with hard work. He enjoyed being outside driving a tractor raking hay during the summer before the age of 10. When Michael was 15 he began mowing his parent's rental properties and started to respect & love the green industry. At the age of 17 he joined a partnership with M & M Lawn service were they mainly mowed repossessed houses all over southwest Missouri. In 2005 Michael decided to go out on his own and start SutherLAND Lawn Service. His main goal was to provide detailed work for the clients and he's still striving to do that today. Michael's main goal is to put Jesus first in his life. His wife Sharran is the next best thing he gets to share his life with. Together they are blessed of having 11 children. That's why you might see some kids out working alongside their dad or older brother. Michael always says "I'm a dad before I'm a business man that's why you might see my kids with me mowing lawns. I get the opportunity to spend time with my kids, teach them work ethic and do something we all can be proud of."

About SutherLANDscape Lawn Service

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